This page provides resources to support neurodiverse adults in the workplace. Four major areas of need were identified through interviews with autistic individuals including executive functioning, self-advocacy, social communication, and mental health. Each section includes information and resources to help neurodiverse individuals navigate challenges and societal barriers to employment. Also included are a variety of learning activities tailored to suit different adult learning styles.

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Self-determination is your ability to take responsibility for your own life. It involves knowing who you are and who you want to be. In this section you will learn how to self-advocate and represent your own views, interests, needs, and desires in work and school settings.

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Executive functioning

Executive Functioning includes skills that help us plan out our day, tasks, prioritize, organize and manage lifeThis course will aid you in improving these skills.

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Mental health

Mental Health includes our emotional and psychological well-being. It is just as important as our physical health. This course will provide you with ways to take care of your mental health through self-care, mindfulness, coping skills, and support systems through others.

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Social Communication

Social communication involves using language to interact with others in a variety of different situations. Success in the workplace involves having the ability to effectively share and understand ideas.

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