See the following resources listed below to learn more about employing autistic individuals, creating inclusive workspaces, and what benefits you can expect from embracing diversity within your workplace. 

Additional Training For Staff – Use the following links to access free webinars and resources for staff and employers. 

Benefits of a Neurodiverse Workplace – Read the following links to learn more about the benefits that hiring neurodiverse individuals can bring to your organization.   

Hiring, Interviewing, and Maintaining Autistic Employees – The following resources go more in depth about how to adapt certain workplace practices when employing autistic individuals. 

Creating an Inclusive and Neurodiverse Friendly Environment – The following resources provide information and resources to empower employers to create inclusive and neurodiverse friendly work environments.

Evaluation tools – use the following tools to evaluate your company’s current practices regarding inclusivity and diversity. These tools will also help you figure out ways to improve with tangible goals and strategies, as well as offer support to ask experts questions on a variety of disability employment issues.