Task analysis involves taking a large task or routine and breaking it down into simple steps. Knowing what steps are involved can help start and finish a task. Dependent on what type of learner your employee is it may be helpful to add photos, words, or audio clips.

Other supports to increase understanding include modeling the task when teaching. Hands-on learning has been shown to be effective, especially for Autistic employees. Have your employee demonstrate the skill after you have shown it to ensure their level of understanding and to provide an opportunity for immediate feedback. You may have to teach similar skills multiple times as skills do not always generalize to other situations or environments. 

Example of checklist: Using a cash register  

  1. Enter PIN code
  2. Enter “new Sale”
  3. Scan barcode on sale item
  4. Ask the customer if they have an account 
  5. Pass the customer the payment terminal 
  6. Ask them if they would like a receipt