Many employers feel they lack knowledge about Autism and hiring inclusively. They also feel like there is limited support and training provided to them. Many employers are seeking out job training and education. Employers who are knowledgeable feel like they have the skills to provide the best fit for Autistic employees, and know their employees’ autistic traits or behaviours. 

Perceived Barriers: Social stigma from employers, employees and customers may create societal barriers in the workplace. With education and support, employers have more confidence when communicating, providing training, feedback, accommodations, and different levels of support for their employees. In this Manual, we will review strategies and accommodations that can be incorporated into your workplace to enhance knowledge about Autism as well as create an inclusive workplace. While many employers are concerned with potential challenges that employing autistic individuals may face, there are also many strengths and positives that have been identified by those who understand and have employed people with Autism that make this population an untapped talent that can provide many benefits to your company.