Understanding, embracing and celebrating different ways of thinking and doing can release the true power of the autistic mind. Here we look at the positive features of autism.

Attention to detail

  • Thoroughness
  • Accuracy

Methodical approach

  • Analytical
  • Spotting patterns, repetition

Deep focus

  • Concentration
  • Freedom from distraction

Novel approaches

  • Unique thought processes
  • Innovative solutions

Observational skills

  • Listen, look, learn approach
  • Fact finding


  • Distinctive imagination
  • Expression of ideas

Absorb and retain facts

  • Excellent long term memory
  • Superior recall

Tenacity and resilience

  • Determination
  • Challenge opinions

Visual skills

  • Visual learning and recall
  • Detail-focused

Accepting of difference

  • Less likely to judge others
  • May question norms


  • In-depth knowledge
  • High level of skills


  • Honesty, loyalty
  • Commitment


Every experience of autism is unique. No one person will identify with every positive feature of autism. We all have individual skills, attributes, and characteristics that are as unique as our personalities–this is the power of neurodiversity.