Job coaching

This course provides information on strategies and activities to support Autistic employees in the workplace. This course can be used with the Employee course to facilitate learning. Each section is broken down into areas of challenge in the workplace for Autistic employees including (self-advocacy, executive functioning, mental health, and communication). Activities can be set up … Continued

Employer guide

Employers who hired Autistic employees identified many benefits including regular attendance, long-term employment, meaningful co-worker relationships, positive role models, increase in productivity, and education about Autism. Employers familiar with Autism also indicated an increase in their capacity to accommodate for specific needs of employees. Some skills and knowledge that may be missing for employers is … Continued


Self-determination is your ability to take responsibility for your own life. It involves knowing who you are and who you want to be. In this section you will learn how to self-advocate and represent your own views, interests, needs, and desires in work and school settings.  A self determined person is a person who can … Continued

Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning includes skills that help us plan out our day, tasks, prioritize, organize and manage life. Executive Functioning is the cognitive ability to use a variety of different skills including our working memory, cognitive flexibility, problem-solving, reasoning skills, impulse control, understanding abstract concepts, self-regulation, and decision making. These skills can help us prioritize and … Continued

Mental health

Mental Health includes our emotional and psychological well-being. It is just as important as our physical health. Many people find it hard to talk about mental health due to societal or cultural stigma. Mental health includes our ability to recognize, cope and manage emotions; this is known as emotional regulation. Coping skills can be learned … Continued

Social Communication

Social communication involves using language to interact with others in a variety of different situations. Success in the workplace involves having the ability to effectively share and understand ideas. It can also involve building and maintaining positive workplace relationships as the social culture is an important aspect of a work environment. There are many different … Continued