This course provides information on strategies and activities to support Autistic employees in the workplace. This course can be used with the Employee course to facilitate learning. Each section is broken down into areas of challenge in the workplace for Autistic employees including (self-advocacy, executive functioning, mental health, and communication). Activities can be set up in group or individual sessions. Homework activities are a great way to practice and generalize to other settings. To increase accountability ensure you discuss what participants will do for their homework, and start each session reviewing the homework from last week. Important considerations will be included based on interviews conducted with job coaches, employers, and autistic job seekers.

Use this course as a guide with the understanding that there is room for flexibility with regards to the number of sessions or types of activities depending on group sizes and dynamics. Try to include discussion questions throughout activities to work on problem solving and skills that may occur in a work setting and that are personally relevant to participants. It may be helpful to use more interactive activities in a group setting that incorporate role-play. 

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Module 1 Job coaching
Topic 1 Learning styles
Topic 2 Teaching Self-Advocacy
Topic 3 Teaching Executive Functioning Skills
Topic 4 Teaching mental health
Topic 5 Teaching Social Communication