Securing and maintaining competitive employment remains a challenge for many autistic adolescents and adults.  To be more specific, those with Autism tend to be under or unemployed, have fragmented work histories, experience poorer employment outcomes than other disability groups, take significantly longer to find jobs, and often remain financially dependent. SASS conducted a comprehensive literature review and a series of interviews with autistic individuals, employers, and job coaches to determine what the most significant barriers to employment and gaps in support are. These interviews informed several areas of need including executive functioning, self-advocacy, social communication, and mental health. It also became evident that many of the barriers autistic individuals face stem from a lack of understanding and acceptance from their employers and from workplace environments that are designed for neuro-typical functioning. To this end, SASS has developed resources and supports for both autistic individuals and employers in order to improve employment outcomes for autistic individuals.  


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Our courses are divided into three categories:

Employees or Job seekers

We offer 4 courses for employees/job seekers: Executive functioningself-advocacysocial communication and mental health.

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We provide resources to support employers in creating a neurodiverse friendly workplace and increasing their understanding and acceptance of Autism.

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Job coaches

We provide lesson plan ideas and suggestions as to how to use the materials created for employees when working with neurodiverse individuals in one on one or group settings.

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